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Changing Cloud Colors

My friend took these photos in a span of about 10 minutes or so. Not only are they different looking, the color changes remind me of an eclipse. Photos taken with an iPhone in north central Wisconsin

white cloud 2


IMG_3088 copy 3


original 2


IMG_3090 copy

The final shot

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The Lord’s Beauty in a Sunset

Sunset in North Central Wisconsin. Thanks to my friend who took this photo with his iPhone.

A reminder of the beauty that God has created. All of creation shouts for joy….all of creation except His crowing glory….man. Take a moment to thank our great God for the beauty He has created for us in this world. Blessings!


White Deer

My friend was out one day and from his van saw this white deer in the distance! I have never had the pleasure of seeing one but am thankful that he and his iPhone were able to capture these photos. These were taken in North Central Wisconsin.


IMG_1584 copy 2Quite a rare and beautiful sight!

IMG_1583 copy 2Sadly, deer of this color don’t generally live long being easy targets for hunters. Still, one can always hope this one beats the odds!


The Mighty Mississippi in Onalaska, Wisconsin

My friend recently was in Onalaska, Wisconsin on some business and took these photos with his iPhone. Just across the river is Minnesota.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!

IMG_1080 copy 6

I love this photo of this cargo plane flying into Minnesota over the Mississippi

IMG_1073 copy

The beauty of God’s creation!

IMG_1075 copy

I love trees and the way the Mississippi is peeking from behind them

IMG_1074 copy

I hear the train a comin’! These tracks are on a path that runs along side of them

IMG_1076 copy

And there she is! I’m glad she was brightly colored so she would show up so well in this photo!