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Winter Beauty, Part 3 ~ The End!

Yes, I’m late with this post. To be honest, I was tired of looking at snow here and didn’t want to even look at photos of it for the blog here! But, I said I’d be back with the third part so here I am. Next time we meet it will be after the all of the snow has melted and life has returned to the frozen tundra also known as Wisconsin! Enjoy and see you when spring actually makes an appearance here!

IMG_1594 (3)

This photo sums up why I didn’t want to look at snow photos!!!

IMG_1523 (2)

This is better! A beautiful photo of a snow covered tree

treesnow copy

I can’t deny this stand of snow covered pines is pretty… because it is!

IMG_1432 (2)

I love this one. Snow but not white wherever you look. I like the view and the fact that some hope of spring is showing

IMG_0541 (2)

Finally, I leave you with more hope for spring. Such pretty green trees…this time without snow on them at all. I leave you with this view of winter trying hard to turn to spring. Not an easy task when you live in snow country.
I hope you have enjoyed winter in photos and I will see you sometime in the spring! Thanks for looking!!!


Winter Beauty, Part 2

If there is one thing Wisconsin has a lot of…it’s winter! Thankfully beauty comes with it. Enjoy! Part 3 will be coming soon.

IMG_1522 (2) (2)

This is one of those beautiful things that make winter bearable! LOVE this one!

IMG_1515 (2) (2)

This is one of my all time favorite photos. The photographer really caught a beautiful moment here.

photo(1) (2)

It’s snowing…again!

IMG_1397 (2)

While this may not be most people’s idea of beauty, I LOVE barns and we have the world’s largest round barn here!

IMG_1521 (2) (2)

This is another of my favorites. I think the photographer caught a moment so crisp, clean and peaceful!

Winters Beauty, Part 1

I hate winter. Cold, snow the whole nine yards. However, I have to admit that it is often beautiful to look at…especially in photos from the comfort of a warm home! Anyhow, hope you enjoy and be looking for the next part to this soon!

IMG_1511 (2)

Winter and Wisconsin go together!

IMG_1509 (2)

The road less traveled

IMG_1462 (2) (2)

A red barn against white snow looks so pretty!

IMG_0370 (2) (2)

One of my favorite’s. Love that in this photo winter had not totally taken over yet!

Wisconsin Winter Wonderland Part 3….Goodbye For Another Year

Finally, this is it in cold, snowy photos. Though we still have plenty of snow, it’s time to think spring even though it doesn’t look like it! Look for colorful spring photos in the near future.

I absolutely LOVE this one because of how you can see the snowflakes falling

Life in the country in winter

Much as I dislike snow and winter, you can’t deny it can be very beautiful

Another photo I love. Something about a red barn against white snow.

And a fond farewell to snow clouds and the winter season!