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Cutest Farm Helper!

My friend took these photos of this pretty and helpful dog on on of his recent jobs in north central Wisconsin.  This has to be the cutest farm helper ever!

IMG_0692 copy


IMG_0691 copy



A Few Animals Around the Neighborhood

This little one is on our property. One early evening we came home and he
let my husband photograph him. I love bunnies!

I love horses, wish this one was mine!

A pet of one of the customers my husband has. I must admit,
I wish I could have one for a pet!

This little one belongs to a friend of mine. She raises sheep. I was there to see
the baby lambs that had been born.

Ok, so most people don’t get excited by seeing cows. I however grew up in the 2nd or
3rd largest city in the U.S. so I still get excited about seeing farms and farm animals!

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