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Spring FINALLY Arrives In North Central Wisconsin, Pt. 3…..Farewell

Well, spring has come and gone now and I’m a little late getting this posted. Coming in the future will be Summer in Wisconsin or who knows what!

IMG_0794 (2)

Beautiful storm clouds over the lake

IMG_0768 2 (2)

Nothing like beautiful hanging flowers to cheer one up after a LONG Wisconsin winter!

IMG_0722 (2)

Gorgeous rocks in Powers Bluff park

IMG_0731 2 (2)

This, believe it or not, is the hollowed out inside of a tree in Powers Bluff park! I think this is awesome!

IMG_0690 (2)

One of my favorites every late spring/early summer. I think they are white cherry blossoms. Beautiful.

IMG_0751 (2)

There’s a reason locals call Wisconsin, ‘God’s Country’!


Painted by God

There is something almost magical, intensely artistic and wonderfully amazing to behold: a sunset or sunrise. The vast array of colors, changing by the moment, with or without clouds. Such amazing beauty…could only have been created by God. I’m just a guy with camera in hand, always after the nice shot…God is the creator of these shots.






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