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Da Bears (And a couple of Lions too)

This is the Lakewood Zoo in Mountain Wisconsin. Most of the big cats and bears were rescued from abandonment or abuse. This is a nice little place where you get really close to the animals.

Da Bears starting line-up!

Oops, looks like one Bear doesn’t want to play!

Let us at those Lions….grrrrr

Calm as can be, this lion isn’t worried about da Bears at all!

In fact so relaxed this lion is taking a snooze in the sun 🙂

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Lakewood Zoo in Wisconsin

The Photos seen here are courtesy of Casey Ludwig, owner of Lakewood Zoo in Mountain, Wisconsin.

Lakewood Zoo is home to many formerly abused and unwanted animals. Casey gets them, and provides a loving home for them while nursing them back to health if need be. Some of these animal were in very small cages, can you imagine a tiger in a cage about the a little bigger than a large plastic indoor dog kennel? Yet that is how some of these animals lived before Casey took them to their new home.

Now Casey is trying to get a USDA license for the Zoo, in the mean time, Oconto County revoked his conditional use permit. Now the Town of Riverview issued Casey a ticket for having the animals and caring for them! This despite the fact that Lakewood Zoo has been there for a few years. The ticket effectively puts an end to getting the needed USDA license.

I have started a petition to get the Town of Riverview to recind this ticket which is ridiculous to begin with. These animals are well cared for and the Zoo is a nice place to visit. People get to see lions and tigers and bears and other animals as well, and these animals get a good home. Summer is when the Zoo makes it’s money to care for the animals, and as they are closed now…no money is coming in.

Please visit the petition site and sign the petition to help us out in this fight to save Casey’s animals, you can do so here;
http://www.change.org/petitions/ann-hogan-chairperson-recind-the-ticket-issued-to-exotic-animal-care-center-inc-lakewood-zoo# As of today we are at 292 signatures!

If you can help Lakewood Zoo in any way, here is what you can do courtesy of Lakewood Zoo’s Facebook page,
Thank You to everyone for your concern for the Zoo. You are asking how you can help so here are some ways to help:
frozen meat, even if it is freezer burnt
Gift Cards to Menards or Fleet Farm (used for food and
Building materials) or Suring Milling (animal food)
Rummage items (We are having a rummage sale the week
of 4th of July…if you don’t have anything to donate you
can stop in and buy something at the sale)
or you can send a tax deductible donation to:
Exotic Animal Care Center Inc.
15811 Hwy 32
Mountain, WI 54149
If you have food or rummage items and want to drop them off at the zoo you can leave them at the front door of the gift shop. We do check there throughout the day so we will get the frozen items before they thaw. Thank You!
You can find Lakewood Zoo on Facebook here; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lakewood-Zoo/151687974863222
Enjoy these pictures of Lakewood Zoo’s beautiful animals, photos courtesy of Casey Ludwig owner of Lakewood Zoo.

The photo below is of Angel, a white tiger. When Casey got Angel, he was completely blind, weighed 150 lbs. and had urine burns on his paws. Angel now has fifty percent of his vision back and is a healthy tiger at a normal weight!

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