Spectacular Door County Fall Part 4, The Finale

Well, we have come to the close of the photos of fall in Door County.  My husband took some real beauties.

It is our hope that you enjoy them and even more so that this may encourage you to one day visit Door County in the fall!





This is the Log Cabin restaurant in Egg Harbor….beautiful and highly recommended


A view such as this literally takes your breath away as you look down upon it and see the magnificent colors


I will admit, this is my favorite photo.  I just look at it and go, wow what a place for a drive


With this, we ended our trip to Door County.  A brilliant sunset bid us farewell. Registered & Protected

The Lighthouse House

This is one of the homes my husband visited on his job. I thought it was so neat. Notice it even has porthole windows on the porch!

IMAG0405 Registered & Protected