Easter Blessings!

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Silos Sunrise

I must admit that I truly LOVE this photo sent to me by my friend. He took this in the Marshfield, Wi. area with his iPhone early one morning. There is something wonderful about the silos against the gorgeous sunrise!


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Gorgeous Colors of the Sunset

These two photos were taken by my friend with his iPhone in north central Wisconsin. I absolutely love the colors in the sky here! Enjoy!

IMG_2749 copy 3

IMG_2748 copy 3


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The Lord’s Beauty in a Sunset

Sunset in North Central Wisconsin. Thanks to my friend who took this photo with his iPhone.

A reminder of the beauty that God has created. All of creation shouts for joy….all of creation except His crowing glory….man. Take a moment to thank our great God for the beauty He has created for us in this world. Blessings!



Wisconsin Sunset

My friend took this photo last night and sent it to me. I love the colors in it! Another example of God’s beauty 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 9.04.41 PM


Setting Sun Behind A Cloud

I am very proud of this photo taken in Marshfield, Wisconsin though I did not take the photo.  The photo was taken by a good friend of mine. I am proud of it because on a whim I submitted it to a local weatherman’s Facebook page as he posts viewers photos on the weather portion of the news. A couple of hours after submitting it, he posted it on the 10pm news! In addition, it was posted on the station’s Facebook page where it got more likes than any other photo they have posted!  My thanks to my friend for the use of his photo and once again….congrats on your photo being chosen for the news!


creative photo sunset 2


Sunsets and Birds