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Special Kittens

Last June we adopted a thin young cat. Weeks later she began to grow in all the wrong places. We took her to the vet and were told she was going to be a mama. On Aug.3,2011 she had her 3 kittens by c-section as she could not get them out.

This was her only boy. I wanted him the moment I saw him and named him Aslan

Nala and Aslan

Nala and her three babies

Nala and the two girls

Aslan and his sister Scofield

My beloved Bella. As time to give the other 2 kittens away  drew near, it became apparent that this
little girl was NOT going to make it as a barn cat, so I made the painful decision to keep her
and to give my precious little rough and tumble Aslan away. Bella has turned into the most
loving, affectionate cat I have ever had. She also is the only cat I have ever had that
plays fetch like a dog. She loves me to throw her favorite toy and bring it back to me to throw again.
She was NOT the kitten I wanted but she is the joy of my life now Registered & Protected