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Because Greater is He That is in You, Than he That is in the World

Jesus-verses-Satan-1 John 4 4

From: Stand on My Platform of Faith by Sue C.

Facebook’s Liberal Bias Exposed


Many seem surprised to find out that Facebook is so liberal. Why is beyond me when Facebook’s owner and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is a flaming red liberal.

The Sign In the Rainbow

In Genesis 9, the Lord makes a covenant that He will never flood the earth again. The sign of that covenant was a rainbow.

Here are a few photos my friend has taken with various cell phones he has had. Photos taken in North Central Wisconsin.  Next time you see a rainbow, thank the Lord for the covenant He has made!



IMG_1005 copy



The Lord’s Beauty in a Sunset

Sunset in North Central Wisconsin. Thanks to my friend who took this photo with his iPhone.

A reminder of the beauty that God has created. All of creation shouts for joy….all of creation except His crowing glory….man. Take a moment to thank our great God for the beauty He has created for us in this world. Blessings!