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Summer Really DID Come To Wisconsin, Pt.2

Here is part 2 of summer in Wisconsin 2013. Stay tuned for Part 3 coming to a blog near you!


IMG_0726 (2)

Now THESE are pretty clouds!

IMG_0942 (2)

And here are more of the pretty dark storm clouds!

IMG_0955 (2)

I don’t know where in our area this was taken but this is one of the prettier gardens

IMG_0860 (2)

Now I DO know where this little one is….the backyard! Bunny in portrait mode!


Summer Really DID Come To Wisconsin, Pt.1

Due to a painful physical condition that I have, I have been very slow in getting summer posts up. I am here now to try to catch up before fall is here! Look for updates soon!


I love all the little lakes, ponds and streams around the area

IMG_0920 (2)

These are just gorgeous!

IMG_0909 (2)

An aerial shot of some of the beautiful countryside

IMG_0906 (2)

Gorgeous summer day, gorgeous summer clouds

IMG_0861 (2)

And then there are the beautiful summer storm clouds. I like them as long as tornadoes aren’t with them!