Spring FINALLY Arrives in North Central Wisconsin! Part 1

Well it took until past mid May, but after a prolonged winter, spring has sprung in North Central Wisconsin.

IMG_0650 copy (2)

I must admit I just love this…looks like diamonds dancing on the water

IMG_0641 copy (2)

Beautiful cloud striations

IMG_0658 copy (2)

This is just one of the types of flowering trees that I really like

IMG_0644 copy (2)

For me this is what it’s all about, living so close to the country. I LOVE barns!

IMG_0636 copy (2)

I just love this. I just says ‘country’ to me and I love it!

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post coming soon!


3 thoughts on “Spring FINALLY Arrives in North Central Wisconsin! Part 1

  1. what amazing photography. I just love God’s creation and have been taking pics lately to hopefully someday have the time to paint. One of my favorite places is an old volcano and watching God replenish the landscape after a devastating eruption over 30 years ago. We serve an amazing God.

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