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Wisconsin Winter Wonderland Part 3….Goodbye For Another Year

Finally, this is it in cold, snowy photos. Though we still have plenty of snow, it’s time to think spring even though it doesn’t look like it! Look for colorful spring photos in the near future.

I absolutely LOVE this one because of how you can see the snowflakes falling

Life in the country in winter

Much as I dislike snow and winter, you can’t deny it can be very beautiful

Another photo I love. Something about a red barn against white snow.

And a fond farewell to snow clouds and the winter season!


Wisconsin Winter Wonderland Part 2

Absolutely love the sun and the snow in this photo

This is in the town of Hewitt and I think this set up is so cool.
See the old Texaco sign hiding behind the trees?

Just gorgeous!

This one really says ‘winter chill’ to me!

Such a pretty photo with the red church against the white snow.

Wisconsin Winter Wonderland Part 1

This is part one of a 3 part series on the winter wonders of Wisconsin

All of these photos were taken on the property of the photographer
(which is NOT me)

These trees are just gorgeous

Even if you don’t like snow, it’s hard not to appreciate seeing this out your windows

This has got to be one of my favorite shots. Just gorgeous

I love the way this turned out with a blue tint to it