Spectacular Door County Fall Part 4, The Finale

Well, we have come to the close of the photos of fall in Door County.  My husband took some real beauties.

It is our hope that you enjoy them and even more so that this may encourage you to one day visit Door County in the fall!





This is the Log Cabin restaurant in Egg Harbor….beautiful and highly recommended


A view such as this literally takes your breath away as you look down upon it and see the magnificent colors


I will admit, this is my favorite photo.  I just look at it and go, wow what a place for a drive


With this, we ended our trip to Door County.  A brilliant sunset bid us farewell.

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5 thoughts on “Spectacular Door County Fall Part 4, The Finale

  1. Thank you for sharing all four parts of your very beautiful pictures. Once again you have shown us the splendour of God’s creation. We do not have the four seasons in equatorial Singapore and I really appreciate the changing colours in temperate lands.
    Last time I saw such comparable colours was in Japan. Keep shooting those pictures which remind us all of who is in control of the Universe. Enjoyed this tour of your country.

      • It is not the camera .. it could have been the reverse where the poor workman blames his tools… Your husband caught something beautiful which many people just pass by. How often in life we fail to see the beauty in others and how they have been so specially made by God and given to us. How often we miss the beauty in them failing to tell them how wonderful they are, and we focus on what really are non-essentials. May the Lord help us see the big picture He wants us to see and grow to love Him more in the context of His total picture and design. God bless you .

    • Thank you so much for your comments on my husband’s photos! I am so glad you enjoyed them and are aware that they are indeed from the hand of God. I am especially glad you enjoyed the changing colors. Thank you for enjoying all 4 parts.

  2. Beauty is not only in the eyes of the beholder of your photos here. They must be in the eyes of your very skillful and artistic photographer. God bless the photographer for capturing and sharing such beauty that come from the hand of God.

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