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Miniature Horses and Tennessee Walking Horses

My sister lives on her other sisters miniature horse farm. Her sister also has a few Tennessee  Walkers.  Recently I visited my sister and the miniatures are across the road mainly and two of the Tennessee Walkers are right our her back door.  Was really neat to see and pet them. It was even neater to wake up in the guest bedroom and see Joker out my window as soon as I woke up!  They are in Westfield, Wisconsin.

A miniature stallion

Another of the miniature stallions

This is a pretty mini named Millie

Tennessee Walkers. Joker is the white one and his son there is named Cappuccino

I must admit, Cappuccino is my favorite because of his color

Now this is close up and personal with Cappy! Registered & Protected


Painted by God

There is something almost magical, intensely artistic and wonderfully amazing to behold: a sunset or sunrise. The vast array of colors, changing by the moment, with or without clouds. Such amazing beauty…could only have been created by God. I’m just a guy with camera in hand, always after the nice shot…God is the creator of these shots.





IMG_0018 Registered & Protected

Spectacular Door County Fall Part 4, The Finale

Well, we have come to the close of the photos of fall in Door County.  My husband took some real beauties.

It is our hope that you enjoy them and even more so that this may encourage you to one day visit Door County in the fall!





This is the Log Cabin restaurant in Egg Harbor….beautiful and highly recommended


A view such as this literally takes your breath away as you look down upon it and see the magnificent colors


I will admit, this is my favorite photo.  I just look at it and go, wow what a place for a drive


With this, we ended our trip to Door County.  A brilliant sunset bid us farewell. Registered & Protected

Spectacular Door County Fall Part 3

Well this was going to be part 3 of 4 on  the spectacular Door County fall but I found so many photos my husband took that I loved, it will end up a 4 part series. Enjoy!


No photo can truly convey the beauty of being there in person


This was awesome to overlook

Somehow I would not complain about a house here! Registered & Protected

Spectacular Door County Fall, Part 2

Here is part 2 of the 3 part series.  Hope you enjoy!

I don’t know what it is about this fence, but it struck me as so pretty!

This is a favorite photo because my husband caught these ducks in the water all swimming
in a row! Registered & Protected