August 12, 2012 Zoo Trip

No story, just some pics and notes. Believe it or not, no pics of the cats. I thought I needed to try and get some of the other animals.

Finally got a couple decent shots of one of the vultures.

Polar bear posing for me. I’m sure he was enjoying the cooler weather today.

Andean bear. First time I’ve seen him out and about. Glad I finally got a shot of him (or her).

Below is a Sun Bear. He was napping when I went past him the first time.

Evil fish. Evil, evil, evil fish. These things are huge. And creepy. They finally cleaned the glass, though, so this shot is better than one I posted earlier in the summer.

The meerkats. They’re so cute. And curious. Cute little buggers.

Giraffe. Or if you play FFXI, it’s a dhalmel. 🙂

More evil fish. At least they don’t look like they’re plotting my death.

The above pics are from the African Journey exhibit. Once you come out, you can go by the bears again. So on round two, the napping Sun Bear who was in an earlier photo, is now on his back – with one leg propped up on a branch. I laughed.

Not a fan of snakes, but at least they’re not fish.

When I came up to this little croc, one of the regular visitors (and I assume contributors) to the zoo came up and talked with me. He told me that there are five of these in the enclosure (I had only found 3, he showed me where the others were). And they’ll be 5 years old this month. They only get to be about 6-feet long.

I wish the photo below was clearer. I was using my actual camera (still figuring out settings and such). I should have whipped out iPhone, he takes really good shots for such a little guy.

All photos were taken by me, Letricia Brooks. Feel free to use them for whatever you want. Attribution or a link back to my site would be nice, but not required. Registered & Protected


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