Under The Sea

When I saw these photos from our friend Angie in Devon, England I immediately thought of the cartoon, “The Little Mermaid”. These photos are from an aquarium in her physician’s office of all places! So here are these beautiful colorful fish though Flounder is missing!

Lovely colors of the ‘coral’ etc. and the fish!

Hmmm…wondering if it’s safe to go out

Thankfully this beauty decided it was safe so we could see his beautiful blue!

Whoever chose these colors was certainly thinking bright and happy

Love the little fish to the left….such a gorgeous, happy aquarium!


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December Sky

This photo was taken years ago by my friend in his front yard. It was taken with a Canon digital camera.  Due to long term eye issues I have NOT been here to post anything in a very long time and need to be careful even now not to overuse my eyes. This photo however needed very little editing….just a little tweak here and there with a new free software program I have.  This photo was taken in Marshfield, Wi. and I really love the sky, the trees and the little bit of snow on the ground. Enjoy!


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Tribute To A Friend

Back home I had a good friend. We met at the church we worked in…. I as a paid employee, he as a volunteer. His name was Jose and he was 3 years older than me. He was a fun loving guy. He loved kids, traveling, events with people, birds and painting. He was totally the opposite of me and yet we became the best of buddies. Neither of us had family in the state we lived in so he would come to my tiny place on holidays (he lived in the suburbs and drove, I lived in the big city and did not) if he did not fly home. Because I had become disabled, he always brought our meal and dvd’s to watch. The other night I got an email from his best friend telling me that Jose had died peacefully in his sleep on his 61st birthday. Heartbroken doesn’t even begin to tell you how I feel.  My buddy Jose was a good man and I always missed him after I moved out of state. Here are some of the photos he sent me from some of his trips in the U.S. and abroad. I use to call them The Many Adventures of Jose. I didn’t include many of the best photos because Jose was in them and I don’t believe it’s right to post photos of someone without their permission. So some trips in the states and out of the U.S. I can’t show you. This one’s for you buddy….see you on the other side.



Tiananmen Square

Qianmen Subway


Paris, France

Paris Opera House

St. Michel’s


The Badlands


Las Vegas

Bellagio Polar Bears


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Glorious Roses!

This selection of gorgeous roses is from our friend Angie in Devon, England. It amazes me that one place on earth could have such stunning roses! She uses just her cell phone for the photos and then lets me ‘tweak’ them! I have many more roses to post in the future as they are a never ending beauty that she continually captures for us!

I love this! Looks like some artfully done photo but this is how it came to us. In this case though I could have brought out the background leaves, I thought this should be left ‘as is’

What can be said? Perfect rose with some drops of rain on it….stunning!

This is another favorite of mine. This one looks like it was meant to be painted!

I went ‘wow’ when I saw this. Two stunning roses! I can only imagine how gorgeous in person.

I hope you have enjoy these as much as I do!


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The Bee And The Thistle

This happy little bee was enjoying the pink thistle growing in my friend’s yard in Marshfield,Wi!  Photos were taken with his iPhone last summer. I really enjoyed these photos and hope you did too. A chance to see their lovely delicate wings.

Quite content in the thistle

Bees have been dying out so it really is important to grow things to capture their attention

I didn’t know their wings were so delicate and lovely until my friend sent me these photos. Very pretty!

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